Tuesday, Mar. 14, 2023

7:00 pm Doors, 8:00pm Show

$15 ADV | $18 DOS

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Triple D's

  • Orions Belte

  • Orions Belte

    There are some places and moments that tie people together forever, whether it be a place, a song or something you can't quite define through words. The origins of Orions Belte stemmed from one of those mystical moments in time, which spawned a lasting creative connection. Øyvind Blomstrøm (guitar) and Chris Holm (bass) first met while playing in a touring band for another Norwegian artist. During that time, they bonded over the ir love for instrumental music and began talking about trying their hand at it themselves. After their work as touring band ended, they recruited drummer Kim Åge Furuhaug, one of Holm's longtime friend and collaborators, to join their new project. The th ree met in Bergen, located along the west coast of Norway, to start working on ideas and demos. Instead, within just a few days, they ended up recording their entire first album – Mint. From there, the universe propelled them forward, resulting in a recor d deal, their live debut as a band at Norway's biggest pop festival Øyafestivalen and the release of their debut record all happening within the following year. Mint drew international interest and praise from outlets including Atwood Magazine, who called the record "an eclectic fusion of disparate styles and exciting sounds that says what it wants to say through memorable melodies, ambient drones, and a stockpile of wicked guitar riffs." After their debut record, Orions Belte never slowed down. They had found their path, and nothing could stop them now. 2020 and 2021 will probably go down in history as two of the most challenging years for musicians in modern times. But despite it all, Orions Belte have managed to stay extremely busy. Ever since the r elease of the single “Bean” in April of 2020, the releases have been coming in a seemingly constant stream. Singles, EP’s, collaborations... Their sophomore album Villa Amorini was released in April of 2021, to rave reviews and widespread playlisting. A few weeks later, they followed the album with a Lagniappe Session EP in collaboration with the credible LA blog Aquarium Drunkard. And in June, they released their first live album Scenic Route, featuring recordings from their spectacular tour of outdoors stre amed shows during the summer of 2020. Late 2021 the band started their most ambitious project to date. In September Chris Holm, Orions Belte’s inimitable bass player, released the first single from his album Orions Belte – Chris Holm. The album was relea sed November ’21, and it was the first album in a series of solo albums by the members of Orions Belte. Next up was guitarist Øyvind Blomstrøm’s record, and finally drummer Kim Åge Furuhaug releases his jazzy solo album in late 2022. Just like KISS did in 1978, every member has made their own album under the Orions Belte moniker. And in the midst of it all, July 1st 2022, they released their second live album – Scenic Route pt. II – recorded at a beautiful tourist cabin located in the woods around Oslo, Øst markseteren. In 2023 Orions Belte will release their third studio album, set for a fall release. And who knows, there will probably some other fun stuff coming your way as well. Everything all at once, what’s not to like.

  • Alex Siegel