Wednesday, Sep. 25, 2024

7:30 pm Doors, 8:00pm Show

$15 ADV | $17 DOS

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  • Jenny Don't and The Spurrs

  • Jenny Don't and The Spurrs

    Jenny Don’t and the Spurs have been pioneering their own path in the music world for over a dozen years. Known for their high-energy Country Western style and captivating stage presence, they've garnered a global following with their infectious enthusiasm, and extensive discography, featuring three albums, an EP, and nine singles.Their 2021 LP, Fire on the Ridge, expanded their horizons, leading them on tours to continents where few other country bands have had the opportunity to perform, affirming their formidable presence in the country music scene. This latest release, "Broken Hearted Blue," set to debut on June 14th, 2024, adds even more fuel to their fire.With their exciting new album, Broken Hearted Blue Jenny Don’t and the Spurs present 10 dynamic songs that channel the essence of the Northwest’s music sounds while evoking the nostalgia of the Western frontier. The album bursts forth with the explosive energy of the opening track, "Flyin' High," akin to a wild horse spurred by a crack of lightning. The song skillfully merges the band's garage-rock origins with their distinct western sound, characterized by a driving tempo and gritty fuzz tones. From the outset, this album asserts itself as a standout in the country music scene, with its high-octane rockin' western delivery approach setting it apart from the herd. ​ Jenny Don’t earned her moniker in her youth for her strong-willed and independent nature, often defying authority figures much to their consternation. This inherent rebelliousness led her to resonate with the authentic outlaw spirit of Country Western music. Such influences shine through in songs like "Pain in my Heart” and “One More Night,” where the band channels the bold attitude and vocal style reminiscent of classic country legends like Johnny Paycheck and George Jones. Their music authentically captures the outlaw spirit while paying homage to the genre's iconic figures.Born in New Mexico, Jenny later relocated to Washington state at a young age. Growing up, she navigated the contrasting landscapes of the lush Pacific Northwest and the vast Southwestern desert, which greatly influenced her songwriting. In the title track "Broken Hearted Blue," Jenny's haunting vocals capture the intensity of a fleeting romantic moment, complemented by lead guitarist Christopher March's guitar work, which echoes the haunting allure of the desert night sky with its reverb-drenched tones.Growing up poor in a tiny rural Washington community, Jenny spent her early years living in a converted single-wide trailer. Spending her summers herding cows and catching garter snakes in the tall grass, she could only dream of traveling to the kinds of exotic locales to which the band’s tours have taken her. The song “You’re What I Need” is an ode to the fans whose support has made this possible.“Traveling the world as a musician and experiencing the enthusiasm of our fans who come to see us is an incredible feeling that's difficult to put into words” says Don’t. “We all feel immense gratitude towards everyone who has supported us through the years. They’re the ones who’ve inspired ‘You’re What I Need.’Broken Hearted Blue is a significant milestone, as it marks Buddy Weeks' debut on drums. The loss of longtime drummer Sam Henry (The Wipers, Poison Idea, Napalm Beach) to cancer in 2022 was a devastating blow that would have halted many bands. However, instead of slowing down, the band intensified their touring and recording efforts, determined to honor Sam's legacy by forging ahead with their musical journey.Weeks' inclusion in the band marks not only a new chapter but also adds a fresh perspective and energy, symbolizing their resilience. With "Bones in the Sand," Jenny Don’t and the Spurs draw from that profound experience, crafting a song that intricately blends dark and luminous sonic textures. March's resonant low baritone guitar captures the somber tones of loss, contrasting with the vibrant shimmer of the 12-string acoustic guitar, symbolizing hope and resilience. Together, the band constructs a rich musical narrative that reflects the multifaceted nature of the experience, while the vocals offer insight and guide the listener through the emotional exploration. “Despite the loss we faced, our band's core and aspirations remain steadfast. With the release of our new album, we're embarking on a new trail that bridges our past experiences with the promise of what's yet to come,” explains Don’t. “We’ve got a lot of open road ahead of us.”Produced by Collin Hegna (Brian Jonestown Massacre, Federale), this album is a testament to Hegna's meticulous craftsmanship. With his guidance, Jenny Don’t and the Spurs have created a musical tapestry that highlights each member's talents. “On this album, bass player Kelly Halliburton and I collaborated more closely than ever, shaping most of the musical parts together”, reflecting on their growth both as a couple and as a band. Jenny expresses, "We're just fed up with mainstream music's repetitive nature and the confines of genres. Each of us brings our own musical flavors to the table, emphasizing the importance of authenticity over conformity. Our music pulls from a variety of genres, which can be a bit tricky to define. But Collin really nailed it, capturing our blend of country, rock and roll, with that added touch of Western charm."Broken Hearted Blue presents a cohesive assortment of varied tracks. From the thunderous bass lines of the instrumental "Sidewinder" to the infectious melodies of "Unlucky Love," reminiscent of Lee Hazelwood's 60s style, each song possesses its own distinct charm while seamlessly upholding the album's western essence.Much like the rhinestones on their custom outfits, handcrafted by Jenny herself, the album shines brightly, illustrating the band's dedication to creating memorable and authentic music.