Sunday, Mar. 3, 2024

7:30 pm Doors, 8:00pm Show

$15 ADV | $15 DOS

Presented by:
Zero Mile, Triple D's

  • Color Green

  • Color Green

    Color Green is an expansive rock and roll band made up of Noah Kohll, Corey Madden, Kyla Perlmutter and Corey Rose. The dynamic unit throws extremes of raw energy contrasted by a night’s vulnerability into their performances, keeping their audience unsure of what to expect next. An infinite pool of influences, from The Rolling Stones to Spiritualized, gives Color Green their charm: an unlikely blend between explosions of sound and gentle harmonies. Kohll and Madden, the fleet-fingered guitar gurus, formed the group in 2018 after jamming their way through the astral plane. Their debut, self-titled EP arrived on Maximum Exposure in 2020, following two strange years of jamming late into the mysterious desert nights. In an aimless onslaught of moving through the American west, Kohll and Madden landed foot in LA. Their Self-titled debut, released in 2022 on Aquarium Drunkard and ORG, blasts out of the gates at full strength. Equal parts fuzzy and twangy, the songs cull from many decades of the strange sounds of American music. Joining forces with the devilish rhythm section of Perlmutter and Rose, Madden and Kohll are tethered down to earth with an unfaltering backbone. With all four voices featured throughout each performance, the band calls all colors of emotion into play. Color Green’s dedication to mastering the live show has established a cult like following across the country— opening for acts like Fuzz, Kikagaku Moyo, Circles Around the Sun, and Etran De L’air only begins to paint the picture of the malleability of the band. Like the cotton comedown after a potent tab of Orange Sunshine, Color Green is a gentle melter

  • The Pink Stones