Saturday, Jun. 25, 2022

8:00 pm Doors, 8:30pm Show

$16 ADV | $18 DOS

Presented by:
Triple D's

  • Clownvis Presley

  • Clownvis Presley

    The LA Weekly calls Clownvis Presley “Better than the real Elvis”. In 2019 Howard Stern stated “One of the biggest acts this year is Clownvis”. Bold statements indeed, but when it comes to quick wit, incredibly catchy songs, and genuine showmanship, its safe to say Clownvis has earned the title “The King of Clowns”. From the sideshow at Coney Island to the hottest comedy events in Los Angeles and everything in between, Clownvis is consistently bringing his unique blend of comedy, song, and magic to stages and screens across America. Thanks to a controversial appearance on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, Clownvis is now familiar to millions of people around the planet. In 2020 he started a wildly successful internet show called “Clownvis to the Rescue” and with currently almost 200 episodes, the show is gaining major exposure and engaging more viewers than ever. Clownvis has appeared on Comedy Central, The Tom Green Show, Sirius XM, Kevin and Bean on KROQ LA, Rizzuto Show on KPNT STL, and many more podcasts and local FM and TV. He tours and performs regularly with such high profile acts as Insane Clown Posse, Neil Hamburger, Mac Sabbath, Supersuckers, Tim Heidecker and more.

  • Michael Myerz

    Michael Myerz started in 2011 and has since released over 25 albums. Although categorized as a rapper he transcends this label by blending genres of punk, metal, electronica, noise, pop and even country. People have compared him to the Edvard Munch of rap due to the absurdity and surrealism incorporated in his music. Further comparisons include rappers such as Aesop Rock, The Beastie Boys, and Kool Keith. Much of his inspiration draws influence from 90s music as a whole, whether that be traditional hip hop or underground acts such as Soul Coughing. He prides himself on being able to rap about anything and make songs about everything. Myerz has opened up for acts such as Nerdcore Rapper MC Chris, metal acts such as Captured! By Robots, and various other acts like Joe Jack Talcum of The Dead Milkmen. He has been featured on Adult Swim’s Live Stream William Street Swap Shop and has worked with John Dilworth, the creative mind behind Cartoon Networks’ “Courage The Cowardly Dog”. Michael Myerz is more than your average neighborhood rapper, he is a legacy in the making.

  • Gilbert Lawand