September 8, 2019 | doors at 8:00pm
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Triple Ds presents:
T. Hardy Morris | Motherfucker
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Tropical Fuck Storm
Tropical Fuck Storm is an Australian band from Melbourne, Victoria formed by Gareth Liddiard and Fiona Kitschin after taking a hiatus from the art-punk psych band The Drones. Lauren Hammel, from the band High Tension, plays drums and Erica Dunn, from the bands Harmony and Palm Springs, plays guitars, keys and other instruments.
T. Hardy Morris
T. Hardy Morris remains Athens, Georgia’s foremost purveyor of dynamic, genre-bending rock-and-roll songwriting. His is a blend of poetic southern outlaw storytelling delivered in a haunting vocal howl. The founding member of Dead Confederate and indie super-group Diamond Rugs is set to release his (untitled) third solo album, in early 2018. Morris’s follow-up to the dark, hard-driving sophomore offering, 'Drownin' on a Mountaintop', returns to the hushed, intimate vibe found on his critically acclaimed solo debut, 'Audition Tapes'. Drive-By Truckers co-founder Patterson Hood described Morris’ songwriting as, “distilling that subtle truth down to its very essence and expressing it in a way that cuts through the bullshit … I was immediately blown away.”
The only introduction Motherfucker (Athens, GA) and their album Confetti need is the kind that includes access to your stereo and roughly half an hour of your time. Forget the headphones. Don't bother to roll the windows down. Leave the doors wide open.

They formed initially as a scheme to play a local festival with the concept of an unknown and outrageously confident band that would only play once. So, claiming the wildly abrasive name, Erika Rickson (drums), Erica Strout (guitar), and Mandy Branch (bass) quickly assembled a set of what they called “punch-in-the-air” rock. Then, after that initial audience was fully whelmed and subsequent bookings came at a ridiculously frenzied pace, they went whole hog into owning it fully. And good thing for us they did because it's a damn rare thing these days for a band to have a name on the outside of a record that equals the shock and awe of what's inside.

Although Confetti certainly has that new record smell to it, it's still a slippery thing. Try to pin it to a hardcore tradition and you'll fail instantly. Neither is it nailed to the surly Chicago school of 1990s rock to which the band has been compared so many times. What's ultimately distilled here is the work of three individuals who have sweated through multiple bands over the last 15 years until they finally got fed up to the point of blast time.