July 19, 2019 | doors at 8:00pm
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Triple Ds and The EARL present:
Alternative Champs | The Husbians
Part of The EARL's 20th Anniversary Celebration.
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BIO from All Music:

Childhood friends Shonali Bhowmik and Michelle Dubois met at age eight when the two were taking violin lessons. A bond was immediately formed, and music was undoubtedly a part of it. Bhowmik and Dubois, who are natives of Nashville, shared a love for Duran Duran and the like, but grabbed onto the rock rawness of The Replacements and Dinosaur Jr. by their early teens. Each saved their lunch money to by a Tascam 4-Track Recorder, too - the life of Ultrababyfat was born.

Bhowmik and Dubois separated for a brief time during college, but reconnected during the early nineties in Santa Cruz, CA. Music was still an obsession, so the idea of a band was more tangible. The two began writing songs like mad, but Bhowmik left California for law school in Atlanta in 1992. Naturally, Dubois tagged close behind and the band became a serious thought. As a joke, they called themselves Babyfat. Drummer Mauricio Carey and bassist Laurie Garnier joined Bhowmik and Dubois to make a debut album. Babyfat released Dragons Go Away on the local label Sister Ruby Records in 1995 and fun times were had.

As the nineties came to a close, Britta Phillips stepped in to play bass after the 1997 demise of her band, Belltower, and Shane Sanders filled the drum section. In 1998, they'd christened themselves Ultrababyfat and issued Silver Tones Smile. The album exuded the band's strong, post-punk/pop sound, and critics were quick to jump on the band. Unfortunately tides turned for Ultrababyfat, for they were without a label and a manager by the next year. Songwriting typically fueled the fire and Ultrababyfat spent the next two years perfecting sounds for a second album.

Phillips took a time out from UItrababyfat in spring 2000 by joining Luna for their North American tour after Justin Hazelwood left the band. She would eventually become a permanent member of Luna, but remained close with her Ultrababyfat bandmates. She can be heard on the foursome's second album, Eight Balls In Reverse, which appeared in fall 2001.
Alternative Champs
The band was started by singer songwriters Mike "Bless His Heart" Mitschele and Rick "Soft Nips" Randall while cooking up popcorn shrimp at Arthur Treahers in the late summer of 1991. Randall told Mitschele of his dreams to start a band and do a neverending tour of the city of Charlotte, NC. Mitschele was immediately convinced this made sense and stepped up to help him reach that goal. They both realized that it would be hard to get many gigs with just 2 guitar players (except for maybe at a couple fancy restaurants) so they put an ad in the Creative Loafing in search of a drummer and bass player. Coming off the split-up of the rock band "Fingerplay" bassist Steve "No Fuss" Pusser and drummer David Vincent Massi saw the ad and came on board (and just a little on the carpet). They all met up one night at Lupie's, a local meat and three favorite in Charlotte, and began the process of naming the new project. After several long sweaty hours they passed on the names "Hot Goat" and "The Sausagey Guys" and decided on "The Alternative Champs". Now that they had a real band Mitschele told Randall, Massi and Pusser that it would be easier for them to relocate from Boone to Charlotte than it would be for him to move up there, they all agreed. He gave them 2 days to say their goodbyes and pack their belongings. Once they moved and settled in, they got together frequently and started jamming hard as shit. At one of these late night hard-ass jamming sessions they decided to challenge every heavy metal act in Charlotte (including Sleeze Patrol, Paragon, Hairy Scarey, Cornqueef and Tight Squeeze) to a winner takes all battle of the bands. The battle of the bands was booked for a Friday night at Jeremiah's on Independence Blvd, a local hangout for big haired people and whores. It was really no contest though, Mitschele stepped up to the mic and sang a note so high and pure, it made half the people in the club wet fart simultaneously, many others were seen crying uncontrollably in the parking lot. They had never heard anything so close to perfection and then the rest of the band kicked in and The club had to shut down. The rest of the bands forfeited immediately and pawned their instruments the next day.The Champs were on their way...nevertheless, bassist Pusser wasn't happy with their success. Shortly thereafter, he left AC to be part of a new art rock band in town by the name of 'Fancy Reagan', only to find minimal fame in the anime soundtrack business.

"Soft Nips" Randall took the initiative to approach his childhood friend Brent "Whoopsie Doops" Dunn to come and tryout on a 4 string bass. After a few auditions and countless moronic mistakes, he was able to make it through a couple songs and the rest of the band decided to let him in the group. The Champs found their place in the exceedingly vibrant music scene of Charlotte and gained popularity during the mid-90s with a series of well received performances. The band's first cassette "Love Mouth" (recorded at Doral Studios in Charlotte and Wood Circle House in Boone, NC sold more than 57 copies across Mecklenburg County. This cassette was perhaps best known for the power ballad "Oi Noye" and the fan favorites "Dirty Spoons", "Hey!" and "Keep the Cahnge Bitch". "Dirty Spoons" peaked at No. 5 in June, 1994 on a jukebox at the Pizza Hut on Albemarle Road.
The Husbians
An upbeat, melodic, hard-drivin, noise-rock band from Boone, NC that existed from 1993 to 1996. Best know for their 1995 record 'Unpopular Flips'.