May 24, 2019 | doors at 9:00pm
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Triple Ds presents:
New Junk City | DL Burdon
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Reconciler is a band from Atlanta, GA who first amplified in the summer of ‘16. Harkening to a sound alternately Southeast and East Bay, they’ve been hard at work ever since, and are set to release their newest volume “Set Us Free” via AF Records on February 1st, 2019. This is their first full length, and fans of Americana, tuneful post HC, and British tube circuitry will surely take notice.
Shehehe from Athens, GA have been described as many things, the vanguards of American Jet Rock, Punk with arena leads, Pop Punk, but really what it is is people who love making rockin, punk-inspired music and having a good time.
New Junk City
New Junk City is a louder-than-they-need-to-be punk band from Atlanta featuring current and former members of way too many other bands to name.
DL Burdon
D L Burdon is a UK born US based singer songwriter, a veteran of the punk and indie scene of his native land and well seasoned travelling musician. Having spent time occupying various roles in such outfits as Former Cell Mates, Leatherface, Anchor Bends & Hyde & Beast, 2019 sees Burdon release his second effort as a solo artist. The Wind Told The Runaway (Little Rocket Records) is already being hailed as a classic amongst suicidal middle aged white men and is being met with a resounding “Meh” by anyone else who hears it. Set your expectations low and go to see him play live, you may be surprised.