May 4, 2019 | doors at 11:00pm
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Shaky Knees Festival presents:
Tim Koh is an American multi-instrumentalist, composer and visual artist, most notably known as a long time member of the band Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti. His unique bass playing and musicianship has been recognised by many as being an influence. Born and raised in Los Angeles, his early years as a teen were rooted in punk and noise music. Koh’s penchant for underground culture, disillusioned with mainstream music and art eventually led him to study at the California Institute Of The Arts, in hopes to escape the banal, normative life he thought was destined for him. His idea of being an artist at that time was to be a “failure”, to be disparate from the world around him. There he came across more avant garde composers like John Cage, Steve Reich, Pierre Henry to name a few. “I remember combing the records in the library looking for “weird” electronic records and finding David Behrman’s Leapday Night. That record really spoke to me for some reason, also Stockhausen’s Kontakte.“ Other influences included bands like Can, Faust, The Shaggs, Neil Young, Lee Scratch Perry and also japanese noise stuff like Merzbow and Masonna that shaped Koh’s musical palette. “My time there and the people i met (Ariel Pink, artist Mike Kelley, Mayo Thompson, Eddie Ruscha, etc) played a big influence on who I am today.”
For almost two decades, Tim has also performed and collaborated with many different types of artists and musicians such as Gang Gang Dance, Connan Mockasin, Hieroglyphic Being, White Magic, Cass McCombs, Chris Cohen, Animal Collective, R. Stevie Moore, Prince Rama, Eddie Ruscha V, Kirin J Callinan, DJ Harvey, No Age, John Wiese… the list goes on.
World-weary of the LA scene, Tim has made a new home in Amsterdam, NL where he currently lives and works. Koh’s new solo endeavour showcases his unique talent as a musician and songwriter, his broad range of juxtaposed styles create a distinctive sound thats his own. Anchoring his penchant for absurdist pop with more traditional influences from music and literature; spinning out hazy tunes that obscure the line between autobiographical narratives and beautiful, batshit crazy fiction.
Koh hosts a permanent radio show on London’s NTS Radio called Kokonut Trip, works with Amsterdam based store, Red Light Records and has recently launched a new label called Congee Disc, focusing more on his interests in house/techno.