April 30, 2019 | doors at 6:00pm
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Matty Matheson
In 2019 Matty Matheson sets out with his first self-produced program, ‘Just A Dash’, an
instructional cooking show that brings the viewer right to Matty’s farmhouse kitchen,
preparing some of his favourite dishes. 
The former Viceland ‘Dead Set on Life’ & ‘It’s Suppertime’ host picks up where he left off
in this short form, 12-episode series. The new show will mark Matty's return to
YouTube, the platform where he cut his teeth and built his ravenous fanbase with over
100+ million views. 
'Just A Dash' is sure to be Matty's next big hit, coming on the heels of his New York
Times best-selling cookbook debut, Matty Matheson: A Cookbook in late 2018.