December 19, 2018 | doors at 8:30pm
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Triple Ds presents:
Camel Run | Hunger Anthem
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  • $8
Like Teeth EP is the new release from Atlanta band Swing Set. With their fuzzy guitars and catchy choruses Swing Set is making records for people who still think music matters. Originally started as a bedroom project Swing Set is now a full band consisting of ex-Waterliars/Long Knives rhythm section Thad Goad (drums) and Chris Poma (bass) and Sodajerk frontman Alex Brenner (vocals/guitar). Their live shows are loud distorted hook laden goodness reminiscent of bands like Dinosaur Jr. and Archers of Loaf. The songs are short and sweet taking the Tom Petty method of "don't bore us get to the chorus" with no filler. The Like Teeth EP contains three reworked songs from the previous Great Shakes EP and two new songs. Recorded by Ben Price at Studi Laroche Swing Set has captured their raw live sound and infectious hooks that are sure to have listeners singing along.
Hunger Anthem
Fuzzed out, lo-fi guitar driven indie rock

"Hunger Anthem: the whole reason that DIY still matters."

"The band clamber through the bluster and slice to the heart of the song, emerging bloody, triumphant and richer. Quick, sudden, painless – stripped down and lean, Hunger Anthem are a short, sharp reminder of when rock was allowed to be solely about the song, the buzz, the feel."