October 26 -
October 27, 2018
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Atlanta Mess-Around presents:
Roky Erickson
Bush Tetras
Gentleman Jesse
Death Valley Girls
Bad Sports
Dan Melchoir
Country Westerns
Static Static
Dinos Boys
GG King
Dunch w/ Greg Cartwright
few more tba!!

FRIDAY October 26, 2018
doors open at
Dan Melchoir | Country Westerns
SATURDAY October 27, 2018
doors open at
Patois Counselors | Animal Show | Vincas
SATURDAY October 27, 2018
doors open at
Dinos Boys | Static Static | Bênní
Dan Melchior was born in Chertsey, England in 1972. Ever since then he's been struggling to make himself understood through some form of ‘artistic' expression.
Dan started playing guitar at the age of 17 (‘ESP' by the Buzzcocks being The first riff he hamfistedly plucked out on his father's acoustic guitar) He joined his first band soon after, quickly finding himself in the role of singer/lead guitarist- (mainly because no one else wanted the job as it seemed a bit too much like hard work).

To make a leap of several fairly uneventful years (musically anyway) he formed his first band of any merit, with his friend Darrel Gardiner on bass and his (then) girlfriend Vicky Hill on dustbins (metal garbage cans) in 1995. The band was called ‘The Loaded Souls'. ( This band can be heard on the last two tracks of the cd version of ‘The Covert Stomp' released on Hate records- Italy)
The band played a total of 4 shows and then split up. However Dan was encouraged to send a tape to Billy Childish, by a friendly promoter called Slim Chance. He soon found himself recording several records with Holly Golightly (see discography)
Eventually the first version of the Broke Revue put out a record on Sympathy for the record industry (although it was more of a hodge podge of leftovers and out takes than a Broke Revue record proper)
A second record was recorded soon after, but the bloke who played drums on it and paid to have it pressed decided it would be better to keep the records under his bed for the next 4 years than to find a distributor for the record at the time of it's completion. (It's been excavated from under the bed in the last year or so, by an archaeologist from Smartguy records)
After meeting his future wife Letha Rodman in 1999, Dan moved to New York in the summer of 2000 to be with her, and to play with a new half American/half English version of the Broke Revue.
This band recorded several records for various different labels (see discography) most notably two albums for In the red records. This band toured the U.S and Canada several times.

After leaving In the red the Broke Revue made an unfortunate move and got themselves embroiled in a bizarre farrago with a local record label, which has still not been resolved. The band spent one year recording a double album for the aforementioned label entitled ‘O Clouds Unfold' which has still not seen the light of day. (I can't really go into specifics- as they cause certain parties a great deal of mental and emotional distress)
This line up of the band finally split up for good in late 2004 and Dan is now going it alone"""".he has recorded 'Hello I'm Dan Melchior'(shake it 1995) and 'Fire Breathing Clones on Cellular Phones' (plastic 2006)- and is now working on a new record.

Dan continues to write prolifically, as his tastes broaden and mutate, so does his output. His wish to push his music into new areas continues unabated....just wait for phase four! - the pink explosion (as he calls it)

David Balthazar NYC 2005.