August 24, 2018 | doors at 8:30pm
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A. Rippin Production presents:
Sunndrug | PALACES | MTN ISL
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Holy + Gold
Last year, Holy+Gold surprised us all with the aggressive rock 'n roll EP, Feral Childrenbefore they quickly settled back in to hone their specific blend of off-kilter, dark, and - at times - atmospheric take on hardcore. With a roster containing some of the original members of The Chariot and Norma Jean, there is no surprise that these titans of metal have found a way to re-establish how we view heavy music.

Regardless of what sub-genre of the rock title you want to put them under, Holy+Gold have found their stride.

On their new 7" EP Everything Needs Something...I Need Your Light, the listener gets a small taste of what is to come on their forthcoming full length album. The hollered vocals sound especially anguished, and they are layered on top of a thunderous and pummeling rhythm section. There is an awful lot of depth to these two songs, and certainly leave you thirsting for much, much more.
PALACES is an Atlanta band. Adjectives: Fast, Moody, Harsh, and Relentless. After forming in 2010, they released their debut LP "Tarnish" on Organism Records in 2012. They've played tons of shows and shared stages with many bands in the heavy music underground including : Inter Arma, Ken Mode, Corrections House, Loincloth, Today is the Day, and Lazer/Wulf. Eventually a transition took place as band members and rehearsal spaces came and went. In 2015 Palaces rose from under the surgical knife and began chugging on all cylinders with a new bass player and a more vicious sound. Currently a batch of new songs has been written and a new LP is on the near horizon.
You know what was missing from the ’90s resurgence that helped make up the 2012 and 2013 zeitgeist? How about some genuine hardcore tension-and-release? How about some jagged riffs and razor blade guitars that cut fast and deep? How about some raw, mathy shit that isn’t buried in atmospherics? Seriously, fuck that soft grunge bullshit. Give me dirty, visceral six-strong bloodletting and cathartic scream-sung vocals and you can keep your by-the-numbers fuzz rock retreads, mmmkay?

MTN ISL know what I’m talking about. The band’s debut EP, God Become Animal, is a seething mass of lacerating grooves and interlocking rhythms that’s equal parts wiry Midwestern math rock and classic Dischord era audio abuse. Open salvo “Super Place” is a ragged stomper paced by dissonant guitar chords and blistering stop-start dynamics, and things just continue to get better from there. “Hacer” is the most melodic and accessible of the EP’s six tracks, but it’s no less uncompromising or ferocious, moving nimbly from the spare and skeletal intro to the grinding verses, which somehow conspire to land you in the middle of a feral slough before it’s all said and done. Meanwhile, the one-two punch of “Dinner Planet” and “Snake Mansion” keeps the pincers clamped tight, locking the listener in a series of tightly-wound rhythms and nervy tempo shifts before the EP closer—appropriately titled “Gutshot”—levels the hammer down once more.

Recorded by Hawks and Wymyns Prysyn guitarist Andrew Wiggins, who himself is no stranger to swimming in these churning, blood and bile-stained waters, the down and dirty production eschews any frills for a leaner approach that puts greater emphasis on the band’s in-studio performance and the unity of the individual players. This is critical because, in truth, there is no single riff, drum fill or vocal scream that really stands out on God Become Animal. It’s the interaction between these disparate elements, the thoughtful interrelation between varying sounds, rhythms and textures, that drives these songs relentlessly forward.

You want to pretend the ’90s are back, fine. But let’s not leave out the ugly, discordant rage and dark unease that made so much of the music from that era great. MTN ISL haven’t forgotten, and they’re doing everything in their power to bring it back with a vengeance.

-Moe Castro @ Latest Disgrace