July 17, 2018 | doors at 8:30pm
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Black Cat Rising
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Go Fever
Originally from a country town in Australia, Acey Monaro fell in love whilst on holiday in Austin, Texas, and eventually made the permanent move to the Lone Star State to marry the guy (now Go Fever’s bassist) in 2013. That year she recorded her debut EP with Brad Bell (War On Drugs, Arcade Fire, Spoon).

In 2016, Acey assembled a group comprised of members of her favorite Austin bands – Jim Campo (keys), Benjamin Burdick (bass), Keith Lough (guitar) and Josh Merry (drums) - to form Go Fever. Their sound evokes all the best music from the second half of the last century, drawing on late 70's pub rock, new wave, girl groups and rock and roll.

Their eponymous debut LP, engineered and produced by Danny Reisch (White Denim, Delta Spirit, Shearwater), was independently released in February 2017 and received medium-high rotation on over 120 college radio stations across the US (making it onto the North American College and Community Top Adds Chart).
Rod Hamdallah
Atlanta Garage Rocker, Rod Hamdallah has been tearing up Atlanta's vibrant music scene since before he was old enough to order his first drink. At 16, Rod began soaking up the Southern Delta Blues and Garage Rock sounds at a relentless pace; Influenced by early Punk, 50’s and 60’s R&B and Garage Rock, Rod took his sound to another level. At 17, he started sharing the stage with influences such as, Sean Costello, Dexter Romweber and more.

Rod's original musical elements are rooted in Blues, Garage and Early Country. Low-fidelity, dark storytelling and American Roots Music play a big part in the song writing. He creates a sound that can be likened to artists such as, The Sonics, Captain Beefheart, and more current acts such as The Black Lips and Tom Waits.
Debut EP ‘Think About It’ comes out May 1st. Garage Rock and Lo-fi Bluesy vocals throughout all 5 tracks. The single "Think About It" keeps your head shaking with dirty guitar and a punk attitude, while the soulful vocals keep their place. "Carry You Home" featuring Colonel J.D. Wilkes of Th' Legendary Shack Shakers adds banjo and dreamy Wurlitzer piano to the Bluesy western tune. You can hear hints of The Sonics, dirty 50's R&B and parts similar to artists such as The Black Keys and Jack White.
Crafting a sound from all influences and personal experience with dynamic variation and melodic vocals.

In February of 2012, Rod joined the popular Swamp Blues Rock and Roll band, Th' Legendary Shack Shakers. Touring all over the nation and Europe, he always seems to be playing guitar somewhere. Also, joined the band The Dirt Daubers, with band mate JD Wilkes.

Rod is currently touring.

-Creative Loafing Atlanta's Best of 2011- "BEST LOCAL BLUES ACT" (Critics Pick). "An Atlanta guitar slinger with a swooping pompadour, Rod Hamdallah has swiftly risen through the ranks of Atlanta's die-hard music scene by taking cues from such hometown icons as the late Sean Costello and Donnie McCormick. With a blend of delta blues, electric roots and garage rock girth, Hamdallah has tricked out a sultry sound and presence that's recharging the blues and garage rock. He's what the old heads who lurk in the shadows at the back of the bar refer to as the real deal, and they ain't lyin'.”
— Creative Loafing Atlanta, Creative Loafing
Black Cat Rising
Named best new band of the year by Stomp and Stammer magazine, Black Cat Rising has come out of their corner of the ring swinging. Formed by Atlanta based frontman Cullen Curtis (Think Never), this four piece consists of Albert Omsted on second guitar (from Augusta's Eat Lightning), Lilly Huey on bass (formerly of Baltimore's Heavenly Blues), and finally Bruce Keller (from The Thin White Dukes). Being only one year old S&S also goes on to say..."Tracks like high octane garage stomper "Space Jams" and the serene "The Ties that Bind" are among the best to come out of Atlanta the past half-year or so."

The group having press and momentum on their side channels the likes of Sonic Youth, Drive Like Jehu, and The Pixies. However, Cullen Curtis' guitar work also conjures up elements of Hendricks and Peter Green on guitar.
It should also be noted that Albert brings a My Bloody Valentine wall of sound and the lovely Lilly a dark Joy Division whisper. Holding all of these elements together are the ferocious post punk drums of Bruce Keller. These Cat's will not disappoint with a sonic fire that burns deep.