September 20, 2018 | doors at 8:00pm
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Moogfest presents:
Kai and Suny | Ultrabillions
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Juana Molina presented by Moogfest
Argentinian singer songwriter Juana Molina’s live show is an often low key, but always interesting affair. Although on-stage there is just her, a drummer and a bass player, throughout the set she is able to show off her talent as a multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar and key board, as well as using a complex array of loop pedals to allow her to use both on the same song, creating interesting, and at times, beautiful, effects. By utilising this technology to minimise the amount of people on stage, yet still create the sound of a large band, Juana Molina is able to let the audience focus on her songs, as well as her incredible voice. Drawing on nearly 2 decades worth of material, including lots from 2013’s critically acclaimed “Wed 21”, which was noted for its ‘rockier’ sound, Molina is able to seamlessly change between the different styles that she has embraced over the years, creating a cohesive and interesting show. Not being able to speak Spanish should not put anyone off attending a show of hers, as the beauty of the songs and instrumentation defies any language barrier. If you are a fan of folk music, but want to see something interesting done with the formula, Juana Molina is definitely one to check out.
Kai and Suny
Kai Riedl (Macha) and Suny Lyons (pacific UV) made multiple trips to Java, Indonesia to record hundreds of tracks of traditional music, and then remixed, reimagined and mash those recordings with their friends in Athens, Ga, including members of R.E.M., The Olivia Tremor Control, Azure Ray and many more.

The result: jams that are part abstract noise pop and part dance gaze, like an ethno futuristic dance gaze party we’re we can pretend to never die.
Modular synthesist Sean Thegen creates sonic landscapes for the future of mankind.