July 13, 2018 | doors at 9:00pm
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Triple Ds presents:
Have Gun Will Travel | Jeremy Ray | Drew Beskin (solo)
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Pony League
Pony League celebrates the vinyl release of their new album at The Earl on July 13.

Their second album, A Picture of Your Family, released March 23 on Atlanta label Bear Kids Recordings, is “an exploration of human perseverance in the face of such obstacles as extreme pressure, anxiety and depression,” singer Gus Fernandez explains, which keeps in theme with 2016’s “Harder Than A Rick Ankiel,” inspired by the hard-luck story of a pitcher-turned-batter for The Atlanta Braves.

Pony League have a knack for distilling real life moments into shimmering compositions stacked with a lush blend of piano and guitars, a skill they’ve put on display across the country.

Substream Magazine said about the new album’s title track,

“It’s one of those songs you can’t stop listening to because you love the fact that you feel something when you’re listening to it. You’re taken out of your own head, the negativity of real life slips away, and in a true Walking In Memphis kind of way– you can’t help but feel a little somber but somehow full of joy.”

All Things Go recommends Pony League for fans of The Avett Brothers and Dawes.

This will be the band’s first hometown show with the vinyl records in tow. Don’t miss it!
Jeremy Ray
Those familiar with Atlanta artist and musician Jeremy Ray know that he is a livewire – an upbeat dude, quite literally bursting with energy at the seams. His solo acoustic live shows are typically indicative of that energy, frenetic and barn-burning. It may be a bit of a surprise then to find Jeremy’s latest EP The Last Take in a much more restrained, nuanced, and layered territory; this is a side of Jeremy’s music that is most comfortable in the studio, or at home alone, and as such these songs are moody, textured, and absorbing. More than anything, these songs are really just uniquely Jeremy, and The Last Take is a gorgeous and welcome release to get lost in until Jeremy’s full-length arrives.
Drew Beskin (solo)
“If you’ve decided to follow Drew Beskin’s music, it can sometimes feel like he’s trying to be your nemesis, or at least that he’s trying to make you lose his trail. Over the last seven years or so, he’s offered intriguing bands like The District Attorneys, Party Dolls, and PURSES. Of those, only The DAs lasted more than one album, despite each project offering increasingly nuanced takes on Beskin’s version of indie pop. His first proper solo record, “Cha-Ching Machine”, was released in March of 2017 via his imprint, Laser Brains. Longtime Beskin listeners will recognize his style immediately in his nods from everything to ‘50s doo-wop to ‘80s jangle to current indie sounds Cha-Ching Machine boasts a remarkable consistency of sound and artistic vision, even for Beskin, who’s always shown a remarkable sense of control over what he wants to do.” - Popmatters