July 18, 2018 | doors at 8:30pm
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Dylan Carlson (EARTH)
The solo projects of Dylan Carlson, guitarist and founder/principal member of the rock band Earth.
Drcarlsonalbion - an ongoing exploration reflecting his long standing interest in the history and occult folklore of the United Kingdom and his abiding love for all things British.
Coleman Grey - deals with the ffayre folklore of the British Isles.
The improvisatory music of the Dylan Carlson/Rogier Smal duo.
The Bug vs. Earth collaboration.
Composer of the soundtrack for the German feature film 'Gold'
REVERENDS are an Atlanta band founded in 2012 by Dandy Lee Strickland and Kyle Jones. Guitarist Nick Bable was found via a Craiglist ad seeking guitarists who could play “Weird Fucking Chinese Shit”. Nicky had been e-mailing Dandy Lee Strickland and "Hot" Dan Strickland at the same time not realizing they were two different people who had posted two different ads. When he figured it out Nicky and Hot Dan completed the line-up. It was later discovered that Dandy Lee and Hot Dan are cousins.

Their debut record is currently being finished. It features members of the Brian Jonestown Massacre and contains a variety of secret messages