June 9, 2018 | doors at 9:00pm
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Triple Ds presents:
Itasca | Shade
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Plum is Wand’s fourth LP since the band formed in late 2013 but their first new album in two years. After a whirlwind initial phase of writing, recording, and touring at a frenetic clip, their newest document marks a period of relative patience; a refocusing and a push toward a new democratization of both process and musical surface.

In late winter of 2016, the band expanded their core membership of Evan Burrows, Cory Hanson, and Lee Landey to include two new members—Robbie Cody on guitar and Sofia Arreguin on keys and vocals. From the outset, the new ensemble moved naturally toward a changed working method, as they learned how to listen to each other and trust in this new format. The songwriting process was consciously relocated to the practice space, where for several months, the band spent hours a day freely improvising, while recording as much of the activity as they could manage. Previously, Wand songs had generally been brought to the group setting substantially formed by singer and guitarist Cory Hanson; now seedling songs were harvested from a growing cloudbank of archived material, then fleshed out and negotiated collectively as the band shifted rhythmically between the permissive space of jamming and the obsessive space of critique.

This new process demanded more honest communication, more vulnerability, better boundaries, more mercy and persistence during a year that meanwhile delivered a heaping serving of romantic, familial and political heartbreak for everyone involved. They learned more about their instruments and their perceived limitations. Much else fell apart in their personal lives, in their bodies, and the bodies of those near to them. In this way, Plum lengthened like a shadow underneath a dusking Orange; or rather “Weird Orange,” an affectionate name given to the color of a roulette-chosen, tour-rushed batch of Golem vinyl…an idiom, an inside joke, a talisman, a bookmark, a mood ring. And meanwhile all the shifting weather, the wireless signals, the helicopters overhead. Weird orange softened, darkened delicately, and rouged itself to a Plum.

The music of Plum focuses teeming, dense, at times wildly multichromatic sounds into Wand’s most deliberate statement to date, with a long evening’s shadow of loss and longing hovering above the proceedings. Plum delicately locates the band’s tangent of escape from the warm and comfortable shallows of genre anachronism, an eyes-closed, mouth-open leap toward a more free-associative and contemporary pastiche logic of that more honestly reflects the ravenous musical omnivorousness of the five people who wrote and played it.
Los Angeles-based guitarist, singer, and songwriter Kayla Cohen, a.k.a. Itasca; music richly allusive of the hermetic worlds of private-press canyon-cult mystics, and East Coast psychedelic jesters alike. Her adept fingerstyle guitar work—nimble but unshowy, always at the service of framing her plaintively unspooling modal progressions and moonlit voice—centers these melancholy pastorales in a dusty space equally suggestive of familiarity and distance, community and anomie. Named after the Minnesotan lake that forms the headwaters of the the Mississippi, Itasca’s most recent releases are a 2016 LP on Paradise of Bachelors, titled Open to Chance, and a limited edition cassette from early 2018 titled Morning Flower. Mojo Magazine says; “Simultaneously spare and complex, observational folk ballads turned psychic and strange by metal-stringed dissonance and troubling Symbolist metaphor,” and Pitchfork says “Cohen’s guitar and voice, two finely-tuned instruments that are uniquely adept at conveying her ideas and images… It’s the appreciation of possibility, of the paths ahead and the ones left behind, that makes Open to Chance compelling.”
Shade is a triangular reflection of Entanglement; smoke and mirrors. It’s a screen by which 3 players render simulacra of their subconscious musical fantasies - slowly inhaling the exhilarating possibility of communal excrement and kicking out the jams hot box style. Shade are former members of Bird Names, Dark Meat, and Shaved Christ smearing dark, classic rock and outsider takes on late Jasmin by sleight of hand over oceans of confusion. Blue sabbath black light brownouts. Shade is trash and treasure impulsively commingling in the bedroom of our minds. Sex, drugs, schlock and droll.

In recent memory, we’ve played with great bands and friends including Ty Segall, Fuzz, Guerilla Toss, Gobby, Wand, Broken Water, CCR Headcleaner, Grass Widow, PC Worship, Greg Fox, Coathangers, Cloud Becomes Your Hand, Wymyns Prysn, Deep Time, Maserati, Pinecones, and many others. We’ve headlined local venues including the Georgia Theatre, the 40 Watt Club, and the Caledonia Lounge.

Shade has released one album on cassette tape. It was called Pipe Dream. It was one of Flagpole Magazine’s “Favorite Records of 2014.” Gabe Vodicka, the music editor of that paper wrote, “Pipe Dream, the long-awaited debut LP from local post-punk groove-monsters Shade, has finally arrived, and it's a beast. Will Cash's ginormous, fuzzed-out bass leads and drummer Al Daglis' rhythmic persistence are the perfect anchor for frontwoman Phelan Lavelle's snakelike guitar lines and cryptographic vocals. It's stoned and steady."