May 6, 2018 | doors at 7:00pm
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Triple Ds presents:
Shantih Shantih | Count Vaseline
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Tav Falco & the Panther Burns
Equal parts primal, early rock’n’roll, deviant hill country blues & avant-garde art, Tav Falco - PANTHER BURNS are ramshackle, raw, and unholy - not just Music...but a state of mind. Tav Falco is one of the truly original and romantic forces in American music - the voice that America lost and found. He is tender and virile, flamboyant, witty and dangerous. Falco brings daggers back to the stage.

Known as the ditch-diggers in American music, our cabal is privileged to welcome MIKE WATT onstage on the WHISTLE BLOWER TOUR. Having come under the spell of our new COMMAND PERFORMANCE album (Frenzi/Darla USA), Hi-Watt began to Tweet his impressions. Quickly we were discussing his participation on the US Tour, and beginning to forge a work in progress already hurled into the future.

First to jump aboard is TOBY DAMMIT whipping the skins - rhythm section partner of Mike Watt. Fresh off the boat from Rome, MARIO MONTEROSSO - producer of our new album, Command Performance – joins us on lead guitar, while maestro FRANCESCO D'AGNOLO tickles the ivories.

The last steam engine train left on the track that don’t do nothin’ but run and blow. PANTHER BURNS are the ones who always hold out a hand to the enemy.
Shantih Shantih
Shantih Shantih is a rock-n-roll band founded in Atlanta, GA in 2013. Their sound is characterized by hypnotic harmonies and lysergic guitar solos that play over fuzzed out melodies and mesmerizing beats. Shantih’s rock n’ roll is influenced by southern gothic images and rural Italian landscapes, creating vivid, yet melancholic narratives.

Their first full length will be out May 20, co-released by Italian label, Wild Honey Records and U.S. label, Dusty Medical Records. Shantih Shantih will then hit the road to promote the album in the United States and later in Europe.

Shantih Shantih finished their first LP "Winter in September" (recorded by Peter Furgiuele of Gringo Star) and debuted their second single in October 2015 for Adult Swim’s annual singles compilation.
Count Vaseline
Count Vaseline is an alternative rock project founded in 2016 by songwriter, musician and producer ’Stefan Murphy’ during a creative spell in Berlin Germany. Following only a handful of live appearances in Germany, Count Vaseline decamped to the US to begin working on what would quickly become his first album ‘Yo No Soy Marinero’. The narrative of the record is very personal and details a difficult phase in Murphy’s life and creativity as well as a celebration of his trials and tribulations in Berlin.
‘’They almost let me into the Berghain, but then they got wise
‘when I accidentally puked in the Bouncers eyes” - Divebombing
Making the decision to stay in the US was closely followed by a Presidential election that was going to send the universe into something of a tailspin. The rise of Donald Trump as well as a lot of depressing reading about the cyclical patterns in world politics quickly gave birth to The Count’s second album, the very minimal ‘Cascade’.
“No Politics exists that will protect you from the horror of these times” - Cascade
But it wasn’t all doom and gloom ‘Russia’, the forthcoming single, is designed to make the people dance!! The song was inspired by the documentary film ‘Hypernormalization’ and is a personal account of two lovers trying to break free from the constraints of the modern world. The song is deliberately performed at 117 beats per minute, the same BPM as Quincy jones / Michael Jacksons magnum opus ‘Billie Jean’, one of the most danceable tunes in history.