March 26, 2018 | doors at 8:00pm
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A. Rippin Production presents:
Father Befouled | Seraphic Entombment
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A megalith of the death metal underground whose New York scene association, aside the pioneers of the genre, head into a new chapter. Ever precise to their origins the band has witnessed and experienced the ebb and flow of the scene they helped create.

Whether due to giving their support by providing some their first tour experience. Or having that equaled playing with such an array of musicians and bands in and outside the confines of the band. With 10 studio albums, videos even a TV commercial. Numerous releases being in the form of demo cassettes, 7 inches, LP, CD dedication still holds true with tireless effort. Hall of Fame, Top 10 lists honoring their discography through publications, internet and radio.

Having gathered supporters and fans all along the 25 year journey. Circles devoted to all/specific eras or an audience's first encounter. Incantation has crushed venues, festivals, and clubs with their rabid attendance. From North, Central and South America. Canada, Europe, Scandinavia, Australia or Japan all have welcomed the inferno that scorched their lands.

For a quarter century now we've been creating blasphemous death metal and still our indulgence is eternal........ Under the Ibex Moon!
Father Befouled
Father Befouled is a death metal band based between Georgia and California, formed in 2006. Cutting their teeth on the obscure and abysmal death metal of the 1990s such as Incantation, Morpheus Descends, Monstrosity, and Immolation, they craft a cavernous and suffocating meld of death and doom. Having long operated as a long-distance unit with members often living different states, they have spent their decade-long career toiling in the shadows - hibernating until the right time to strike. On tour for the first time in 2+ years.

“This is old school death metal, thick and reeking, and definitely of American rather than, say, Swedish parentage, so the sound is a bit more sickly and congealed that visceral arterial spray . Father Befouled are more interested in channelling the rankness of decay than fresh vivisection. The sounds they create are certainly aggressive and violent, but also have a sombre quality to the songs, an almost ceremonial restraint. The pace of the songs alternates between a painful crawl and a bubbling, churning agony. At their fastest and most intense, conjure nothing so much as fire consuming a burst offering, an ugly piece of meat going up in greasy smoke. It’s repellent and filthy and spot on.”