January 21, 2018 | doors at 6:30pm
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Dirty Few | The Ridgelands | The TIP | Talking Dogs | Adam Anzio
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The seeds of The TIP were sown when Benny Carl, Dixie Carl and Ricky Dover Jr met bassist Drew Uldrich knocking on the door of their rehearsal space in the spring of 2014. The simple gesture let to a perfect match up between the four musicians, and by June the band was playing their first show at legendary Atlanta strip-club The Claremont Lounge. The independently released four song, “Killin’ It Wasted EP” quickly followed, and by November of the same year the band was on tour with Hollywood’s Hammered Satin (Burger Records).

After linking up with NashTray Productions in East Nashville, the band recorded their self-titled debut album during January of 2015. With continued success playing regional showcases, The TIP is now set to release their debut album in the summer of 2015. Starting June 18th at Star Bar in Atlanta, The TIP are set out on a 16-date East Coast / Mid West tour with notable shows at Brooklyn’s Grand Victory, Minneapolis’ First Ave/Seventh St Entry, and Chicago’s Reggie’s. After the summer tour, the band looks to the West Coast for a string of dates in the latter half of 2015.

Members of The Tip have also played with The Poor Boys, The Booze, Abernathy, and Static Revival.
Adam Anzio
This is ADAM ANZIO. Anzio (pronounced Ohn.tZeeOh), is striking out on his own, after years, and numerous positions in other bands. Knowing how to play multiple instruments, Anzio performs all parts on his recordings. 2010's "Gavels EP" was self-recorded, using minimal equipment; out of necessity. It was released digitally, and is available on The year 2012 was spent recording demos, and tracking for the "GAVELS" LP, which was released on June 4th, 2013. The “Turnaround EP”, which utilizes more digital instrumentation, was released in July of 2015. Anzio released an record of acoustic renditions of older and newer unreleased songs for the 12-song LP, “The A-Word”. Anzio’s next record will be released on March 30, 2018.

Live performances feature Anzio on electric guitar, vocals, and self-orchestrated accompaniment. When playing with an acoustic guitar, he is billed as "Adam Anzio (AC)". He has served as the opening act for many bands throughout the Southeast U.S.

When it comes to describing the style or sound of Adam Anzio's music, he often has trouble with it. The influence of classic first-wave punk rock, post-punk, and New-Wave are there, and a heavy modern twist. His closest description of his sound, he says, also reflects his outlook on life. "Appreciate the past, live in the present, and look forward to the future." "I'm not too big on beaten paths, traditions, or living in the past, I just want to do whatever I want, right now." "I love the history of Rock 'n Roll, but I'm all about what's going on today, and what will eventually come." Definitely excited for what the future holds for this multi-instrumental modernist.

-Sharmila Patil