January 27, 2018 | doors at 8:00pm
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Triple Ds presents:
DIP | Karaoke
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Little Tybee
Little Tybee is a progressive psych-folk band based out of Atlanta, GA. Formed in 2009, the group has bridged existing genres into their own brand of calculated, creative, and technical music, which refuses to sacrifice musicality and accessibility. The release of their third full-length album, For Distant Viewing (Paper Garden Records), and the band's touring in both the US and abroad not only cemented their penchant for clean orchestration, but also provided the meaningful relationships and experiences essential for fueling future creativity. As a complement to the technical precision of their live performances, Little Tybee maintains an active online presence with a reputation for self-producing high-quality video content.

The group is comprised of six members, most of which have been playing together in various groups for more than ten years. The bulk of the compositions in the band's ever-growing catalog start out as seedlings in the mind of lead singer/acoustic guitarist Brock Scott and are then fleshed out with the eccentric eight-string guitar wizardry that could only come from Josh Martin, the classical flare of Nirvana Kelly's violin and viola, the deep pocket grooves of Ryan Donald's electric bass, the percussive explosion of Pat Brooks' gospel-tinged beats and are all rounded out by Chris Case's silky smooth, yet driving keyboard arrangements.

Little Tybee faces 2015 with the recording of their fourth studio album.
DIP (n) new genre
1. All songs contain the word DIP
2. All beats go "boom diddy boom diddy boom"
The spontaneity and community intrinsic to the word karaoke is reflected in the band’s hypnotic debut EP How to Make You Boil. Over 6 tracks, the ensemble are consumed by whirling emotions but refract the chaos into glowing empathic pop. The title was drawn from a poem by vocalist and songwriter Grace Wayne, and is framed as a recipe for how to infect someone with obsession. This deviousness borne of desire channels the human struggle for acceptance and intimacy. It’s a journey which so easily strays down tangled paths of confusion, but Karaoke explore these sobering realizations with humor and poignancy.

The collaborative sound of Karaoke is drawn from each member’s wealth of experience. Wayne honed her icy vocals in Del Venicci alongside drummer Adrian Benedykt Switon, who also plays in Shepherds. Guitarist Tymb Gratz was a founding member of Mood Rings, and bassist Chris Yonker who currently plays in Omni also fronted Hello Ocho. Wayne channels Feist’s clear-eyed observations and Nico’s gothic flair with a surprising intimacy. This combination is perfectly suited for Karaoke’s spacious sound, which spans the fraught ground between comfort and discomfort, yet what truly sets the band apart is their ability to veer into unexpected melodies and tempo shifts, guided by Gratz’ sprawling guitar work and Yonker’s animated basslines.

Echoes of This Mortal Coil float through the most cavernous segments of the album, but Wayne’s earnest voice transmits a deep reflection all her own - that dreams are better than reality. How to Make You Boil is an ethereal lens which channels our grasping at the fleeting passions of life. It is an outlet for the smallest voices within each of us and an open-ended question disguised within fully-realized pop.