January 19, 2018 | doors at 9:00pm
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Triple Ds presents:
Cinemechanica | Tiny Scissors
Bit Brigade performs The Legend of Zelda
Bit Brigade
When Bit Brigade rolls into town, the gamer elite hang up the controller for the evening and see a rock show. With unprecedented attention to detail and post-rock bombast, Bit Brigade meticulously replicates every musical cue, cutscene and boss battle in perfect syncronization with master gamer Noah McCarthy's inspiring speed-run of each level. Composed of members of Cinemechanica, Maserati, and We Versus The Shark, Bit Brigade elevates game music to its proper place in the foreground of epic technical rock and plays the games like they don't need the extra lives. Which, for the record, they don't.
I never had very good study habits, honestly, and I reckon thats a bit of a shame. I spent the greater part of my evenings in high school pretending to do my Algebra and Chemistry homework, all the while lost between my headphones. Digesting endless hours of Sonic Youth or Jawbox, I daydreamed of being in a rock band and getting off some imaginary jet on foreign tarmac, greeted by some fantasy press conference. Perhaps more alarming to my folks than my sour grades at the time was my lack of competitive spirit about the whole nonsense. Like generations of subversives before I was faced with calling a bluff. School was bullshit, rock and roll was awesome I guess I figured I could get by on looks and a quick witbut enough about me.

Rarely are sound study habits and scholastic drive directly responsible for the creation of a rock and roll band. But so it was when Bryant Williamson, Mike Albanese, and Andy Pruett met at Wake Forest University in 1999. As Universities go, Wake is tough to get into, even tougher to graduate from. If one is fortunate enough to make it out unscathed, they are most likely to refer to it affectionately as Work Forest. What Im trying to convey is that these were not only young men of ability, but also of sound work ethic (well, I have heard stories about Albanesebut never mind that).

Bryant was a lanky drawler of pedigree from eastern North Carolina, sharp and opinionated in the southern tradition. Mike an eternally gregarious former class president from suburban New Jersey, with an ear for sound and a knack for the art of persuasion. Finally, Andy a year younger than the others, a lovably nervous fit of mental energy that once focused could be equal parts inspiring and disturbing. These young men met in an environment of rigid academics and Southern Baptist neo-conservatism, a sheltered hamlet where people of means send their young, swaddled in polos and loafers, to attain the education and associations theyll need to succeed. And where they will not start indie-rock bands.

But, somehow, amidst this unusual backdrop, the three began the early incarnations of what would become Cinemechanica. Williamson and Albanese, once finished with their obligations in Winston-Salem, decided to relocate the project to Athens, Georgia. Andy transferred to the University of Georgia to finish school. The project was cemented upon the arrival of Joel Hatstat, Mikes childhood friend from back home, who joined them in Athens to play bass. Joel had finished his studies as a recording engineer at Bloomington, Indiana and now was building his own studio in the large house outside of town that the four shared.

I waiver on the true source of the fascination surrounding Cinemechanica. Is it the anticipation of hearing what the rock group will come up with next in their constant quest to out-do themselves? Or is it the curiosity in determining who will crack first in the face of endless miles of sixteenth notes.

Yes, yes its true: Cinemechanica are four grown men living together in the same house that doubles as a first rate recording studio. Cinemechanica have collective attention deficit disorder. Cinemechanica are good at playing video games. Cinemechanica solve problems with solder and understand electricity. They take things apart and sometimes they put them back together again. As the pace of modern media begins to crescendo, they are prepared to take in the myriad impulses and information and reconstruct them into guitar driven rock that reflects this new perceptual speed of living. People seem to want to complicate their description of Cinemechanica and talk about math and off time this or that, but I aint tryin to hear that and neither should you be. Cinemechanica are simply a very talented rock and roll band housing imaginations too hyperactive to be satisfied with playing more standard forms of rock music. They are bored to tears by half notes. They are four living beings, one analog entity, attempting to create something digitally perfect by using neurons, muscles and sinews. Now, we all know thats not a realistic goal. On some nights though, Cinemechanica come dangerously closeI think the kids call it being tight. And when it occurs, the magnitude of the effort and the energy involved is overwhelming. Inspiration or perspiration? I dont reckon its really worth discussing with regards to Cinemechanica. In just two short years they have developed and refined their own recording studio, risen to the fore in a crowded and competitive live music scene, and have begun releasing records on their own label. I have seen the writing on the dry-erase board and it says, PRACTICE TOMORROW! Cinemechanica are coming to your town soon and whether or not you are ready, they are prepared to challenge and entertain you.

As for me, I did end up joining a rock and roll band and, although the international flights and fanfare remain elusive, I have seen a lot of the United States with my best friends and have had a large time overall. I still cant make even the most basic calculations without the help of an adding machine but I guess I get by ok. And rock and roll is still awesome. Through interacting with each of them personally, and from observing their enthusiasm about Cinemechanica, Andy, Bryant, Joel and Mike have helped keep me excited about music for the past few years. For that and much more, I am thankful, and am happy to introduce anyone unfamiliar to these guys and their endeavors.

Greg Collins 12.2.04