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K Michelle DuBois
October 28th will mark the first solo show for K Michelle DuBois, eighth album, and first ever full-length vinyl release. Join KMD and friends for a night of songs from her new solo album, Astral Heart, and pick up the LP. The set list will also include a handful of retro tunes from former bands (Ultrababyfat and Luigi).

K Michelle DuBois never knew a home that didn’t include a makeshift studio. Songwriting was just a part of life, and with a family that moved around a lot, creating sounds and songs became a comfortable and necessary constant.
It was only natural that the family finally settled in Nashville. Hanging out with pals in high school meant making music; and with keyboard and drum machine at their disposal, KMD and (future Ultrababyfat partner) Shonali Bhowmik wrote many a tune (and some raps) burning on siblings or pining for dreamboats.

As a young adult attending college in Knoxville, KMD got her first “assignment” and suddenly had a week to write lyrics to an entire set and sing lead for a band that came to be called The Flying Polecats. The Polecats practiced in the heart of Fort Sanders, in the basement of Gryphon’s Coin Laundry Lounge. Those six years in Knoxville, observing some very strange things in that infamous town, really seasoned KMD’s already bubbling word mill.

In Atlanta, KMD reunited with Shonali Bhowmik and embarked on a 10 year adventure with UltraBabyfat. The childhood friends and various bandmates released four albums and toured the U.S. many times including the Warped Tour and as part of David Cross “Let America Laugh” tour that was documented for dvd.

When Bhowmik relocated to NYC, KMD assembled a group of Atlanta musicians and fronted the slightly more rocking combo, Luigi. Luigi released two albums and caught the attention of Mitch Easter (Let’s Active) among others. Sadly, the band parted ways, and after having such a rotating cast in Ultrababyfat, KMD decided to call Luigi done.

In 2012 KMD partnered with producer, Ben Price, and released her first solo endeavor, Lux Capone. Hesitant to get many people involved at first, KMD played drumbeats electronically, keyboard, guitar and captured some experimental moments like stomping in a full bathtub and walking through a parking deck. In the end, Lux Capone was fleshed out with the help of many Atlanta talents including: Jim Prible, Steven Satterfield, Bret Busch, Bob Lewis, Susannah Wallace, Pat Brooks and Jonny Rhum.

For Astral Heart, KMD enlisted Dan Dixon (producer, guitarist) and together they produced an album that manages to be both sonic and rustic with a strong backbone compliments of Darren Dodd (drums). KMD’s love for the experimental rings apparent on Astral Heart, as hooks with meaning (though not always apparent) weave throughout. The oldest song is the last song on the album, Stay Wild (Ode to Jack Burns), written after a viewing of Lonely Are The Brave. The western (starring Kirk Douglas) also inspired the album title.

Other bands KMD has played with include: the Telepathics; Os Ossos; Polar Dunes; Straw Polly; and the Rockateens.