September 21, 2017 | doors at 8:30pm
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Triple Ds presents:
Gas Hound | Bellbreakers
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is a boundary-pushing, unapologetic alternative rock 5 piece based in Atlanta, GA. Ethereal melody meets massive carnal beats and catchy rude riffs to deliver alternative music with moxie. This young indie group has sold out venues like Eddie’s Attic, The Georgia Theatre, and The 40 Watt Club, touring the southeast supporting debut release Fortress. ZALE is currently recording their second LP at Madison Records to be released fall 2017. ZALE opened for The Revivalists and Bright Light Social Hour, played Bragg Jam and Dogwood Festival and looks forward to a full fall tour schedule.

Fans have described their sound and live performance as fun, energetic, badass, fearless, edgy, tight, sensual, and dynamic. ZALE is comprised of distinguishable best friends: lead singer and eccentric powerhouse Hannah Zale, assertive guitarist Christian Gerner-Smidt, heavy-hitting drummer Alex Morrison, explosive bassist Jackson Reed Hodges, and elysian electric violist Melissa Loga. This band is a collaboration of contrasting influences coming together to create fresh rock music celebrating both nostalgia and indifference.
We want to put out music like the music that we remember from our lives. Music that made your skin tingle and your feet move. Music that you sang along to when you were playing air guitar. We want you to get the advice when you're losing your virginity, "Put Greco on, I guarantee it will set the mood right for your first time." We want to make music like our heroes; when you hear it, it connects to your life and your memories.

We want a relationship with our fans, so our music touches their their souls like Bowie and the Stones have touched ours. So the day we die, they have to stop, take a breath, and call their friends to talk about Greco and what we meant to them. We want our songs to be: the song that gets the party started, the song you play after your first heartbreak, your special song with your significant others.

So what did we need to make this happen?
What do all bands need?
People who can play. People who are willing to put in the work and stick with it. And where better to look than in your own backyard? So over time as each boy got old enough to play, we built the band. And when you live outside a small town like Athens there isn't a whole hell of a lot to do, so you play all the damn time. What started in back rooms and cheap rehearsal spaces is coming alive everywhere the Greco boys can get to. And while we may not know exactly where we are going or how we are getting there, we are so fucking happy you want to come with us!
Gas Hound
Gas Hound is a blazing cyber wolf, with relentlessly tight and engaging songwriting. The live shows have been compared to sonically re-living landscapes from the Brother’s Grimm, Pale Rider, and Jim Jarmusch’s “Dead Man.” It rumbles like a tumbleweed murder machine, slogging across the arid lands of Moab yet culls longingly to the impermanence of the “Desierto Florido” in Atacama, Chile.

Gas Hound is the desert-inspired gutter folk project of Atlanta-based writer Benjamin J. Davidow (Staff Writer at Immersive Atlanta, Lead Guitarist and Co-Composer of both The Buzzards of Fuzz and Nuncio). The project has a natural ebb and flow which comes from it’s ability to suit a wide variety of listeners needs. It is just as heavy and pleasing acoustically as it can be sweetly destroying with a full five piece band. The live lineup includes the ever cunning singer-songwriter Ethan Fogus on pedal steel and keys, Matthew J. Pendrick on the percussive resonances, Nick Whitson on auxiliary interstellar chromo-tonics, and Chris Pilson on heavy strings.

Gas Hound’s debut EP, The Postman, is set to be released in the Fall of 2016. It was recorded, mixed and produced by Damon Moon of The Cottage Recording Co.
You're on the side of a desert road stretching farther than the eyes can see. You see something in the distance. It looks too big to be real. It's probably on fire. It gets closer, and you realize it's the biggest motorcycle you have ever seen. And there's a skeleton on it. It's on fire, you're sure of it now. This is Bellbreakers. Formed in 2016, Bellbreakers is one of Atlanta's most exciting new rock and roll bands. Bellbreakers is finishing up its debut EP with Damon Moon at Standard Electric Recorders, including the tracks "Motorcycle With A Skeleton On It" and "Lights In The Woods."