August 26, 2017 | doors at 9:00pm
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A. Rippin Production presents:
CHEW | Day Old Man | Manther
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Michael Myerz
BInspired by Chinese Food, Garlic Bread and VHS tapes as well as being a martyr for the downfall of Block Buster and Media Play, Michael Myerz has been putting out music since 2011. With over a dozen albums to his name, Myerz has shown many masks to showcase that he is not just one genre of music. He's not just Hip-Hop or Nerdcore he is a department store of anything you want, not trying to flaunt but really he's the best thing you got for your ears that want to hear something different.
Brett Reagan (guitar/electronics), Snare-uh Wilson (drums) and Brandon Pittman (bass) make up CHEW, an experimental psych band from Atlanta, Ga.

This project features 3 familiar faces of the Atlanta music scene. These humans have mutated into this trio after playing with bands in the city for years.

We use a sampler and analog synth mashed with live instrumentation to pull influences from all things psychedelic. The result is a hypnotic, electronic, spacewave experience.
Day Old Man
Atlanta Sludge Metal

Posted by Day Old Man on Saturday, January 31, 2015