August 31, 2017 | doors at 8:30pm
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Triple Ds presents:
Casey Hood | Moses Nesh | Rayvon Pettis
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George Christian Pettis
"George Christian Pettis is a songwriter. He is 27 years old. He was born and raised in Atlanta, GA, and despite bouncing around the U.S for the past two years, in his heart he will always be an ATLien. As the writer behind the bands Wowser Bowser and We the Lion, George was an active member of the Atlanta music scene that was put on the map by groups like Deerhunter and The Black Lips in the late 2000s and early 2010s. In 2014, his song (with Wowser Bowser), “The Garden” was featured in a television and online ad campaign for Nutella. During his time in Atlanta, he also lived and worked at the Mammal Gallery during it’s crucial first year, helping, as the booking manager, to bring music and focus back to Atlanta’s historic south downtown neighborhood. George currently lives in Olympia, WA where he is finishing a degree in Ethnomusicology and touring nationally with his band 100 Watt Horse, whose song “Bees 2” was recently included on the Spotify UK playlist, “Your Morning Coffee” and currently has almost 300,000 plays.

In late December of 2016, George quietly self-released his debut solo record, Tallasassy which was recorded with and co-produced by Graham Tavel (Pallas, Nag, Floral Print, DiCaprio). An eclectic mix of material written over a 3 year period, Tallasassy represents a departure into more traditional folk and country territory, genres George had thus far largely avoided. This is perhaps surprising considering the fact that his father Pierce Pettis is a renowned folk and americana singer/songriter who has toured nationally since the late 1970s and worked with such diverse artists as Joan Baez and Garth Brooks. Lyrically, the songs on Tallasassy are George’s most introspective, featuring his (occasionally melancholy) ruminations on subjects like love, family, friendship, and growing up in the deep south. This fall he will be hitting the road for two weeks with his old friend and fellow Atlanta native Moses Nesh who was recently signed to the Austin-based label Keeled Scales. Their tour dates are listed below.
Moses Nesh
Bluesman from the future
Rayvon Pettis
He's from Ft. Payne, Alabama ran track, watched a lot of cartoons and the Evil Dead movies served in Afghanistan for a year with the army before returning home and moving to Birmingham where he started making music. He performed with bands Liddy Rose and Red Mountain before finally performing under his own name. Pettis is an indie-country guy. In May 18th 2015 he released his debut album "Insureda".