August 10, 2017 | doors at 8:30pm
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Triple Ds presents:
Moon Diagrams | Pallas
Born in the bleak isolation of the secluded prairie city of Edmonton, Canada, Homeshake's Peter Sagar worked with friends in a number of local bands before picking up and moving to Montreal in 2011 to begin recording under the Homeshake moniker. Following two self-released cassettes (The Homeshake Tapes and Dynamic Meditation) and two acclaimed full lengths (In The Shower and Midnight Snack), Sagar cracks a window open with his third album for Sinderlyn – Fresh Air.

Started immediately following the recording of Midnight Snack, Fresh Air continues Sagar’s exploration of dreamy, downtempo bedroom R&B and draws inspiration from such disparate artists like Sade, The Band, Broadcast, Prince, and Angelo Badalamenti. As the title Fresh Air suggests, Sagar’s songs were created to clear his listeners’ minds of negativity. Full of smokey, laid back love songs and airy productions, Sagar’s decidedly stoned sound is a breath of fresh air.
Moon Diagrams
Lifetime of Love is the debut album by Moon Diagrams, the solo recording project of Deerhunter co-founder and drummer Moses John Archuleta. Recorded in Georgia (Atlanta and Athens) and Manhattan (East Village) over a 10-year period, Lifetime of Love finds Archuleta processing various stages of love, loss, and regeneration via forlorn outsider pop, minimal techno, and warm, weightless experimentation.

Throughout each of the 8 songs, Archuleta follows sudden fits of inspiration or moments of chance. By lifting samples from thrift store-sourced LPs, removed from their sleeves and chosen at random to find loops and textures, Archuleta lets the unknown happen naturally, but still confined to a specific set of boundaries.

"Bodymaker" and "Nightmoves" feature Archuleta's earliest solo recordings, captured between the release of Deerhunter's 2007 breakout LP Cryptograms and 2008 LP Microcastle. The two songs also show Archuleta's willingness to venture outside of the taut, mesmerizing drone rock of his main band. The chilling, ambient techno of "Nightmoves" perfectly foils and compliments the broodingly sullen but sincerely beautiful shuffle into the dark.

In 2012, Archuleta decided to pick up his recording activity, challenging himself to make a solo album. Locking himself in his practice space and using only the spare instruments laying around, Archuleta would enter near-fugue states in recording sessions. This period yielded a disparate mix of sonic sketches, from eerily bucolic choir recordings ("Playground"), dusty art-pop ("Moon Diagrams"), and infectiously jubilant dance pop ("End of Heartache").

For the final period, Archuleta found inspiration after an extended stint in Berlin, estranged from his friends and family. But Archuleta used the relative isolation to take in the city's dark energy, eventually returning home to finish the album with a newfound sense of resolve. Subtly grandiose and quietly epic, the album explores a nascent beginning, a morose middle, and a bittersweet, optimistic end.
Despite playing shows for a year, Pallas has yet to release any studio recordings. Instead the band has focused on honing their ecstatic art rock in live settings. The four-piece is an example of balance and collaboration, a sparkling mix best exemplified by Valentina Tapia’s expressive bass lines and Danielle Brutto’s powerful vocals. Transferring the critical details of their temperamental energy from the stage to the studio will be a test for the group, but it’s one they seemed poised to confront with wit and efficiency. Though a release date hasn’t yet been announced, Pallas will soon release Location 13, their debut 12″ (at 45 rpm) on Designer Medium Records. The sessions were recorded with Atlanta’s own Graham Tavel in mid-2016, and Pallas will release two of the songs as a cassette single in February. The band will also be touring with Hellier Ulysses in March, but according to guitarist Zane Durfee, “We are headed to some undetermined zones in the North… or maybe it was the West. We might drive straight into the ocean and hope for the best.” –Immersive Atlanta