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Bible of the Devil | Gunpowder Gray | The Pinx
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High Spirits
HIGH SPIRITS began in Chicago in early 2009 with a series of fun songwriting sessions and demo recordings. Soon, there were 10 songs recorded, enough for an album. It was released as a plain white-label LP at the first HIGH SPIRITS live show, which was in August of 2009. Only a handful copies sold that night, but the rest sold quickly through the mail to fans all over the world.

The demos compilation album was soon released on digipack CD by Cruz del Sur Music and on gatefold vinyl by High Roller Records. During 2010 the band did a lot of shows around the Midwest USA and self-released a 7” single titled “Let’s Rock”. Interest was building for a proper full-length album, and studio sessions began in early 2011. Because the demos collection had been so successful, it was decided that all new songs would go on the album. In May, recordings took a break for the band to do a two-week tour in the USA.

Titled ‘Another Night’, High Roller Records released the album on CD and LP in August of 2011, and the response was sensational. The audiences loved it, and the response from the press was fantastic, with the band named top newcomer of 2011 by Rock Hard Magazine.

By 2012, demand was “high” in Europe to see the band live. Keep It True Festival soon was in touch to offer a spot on their 2013 bill, and the band happily accepted. But the Rock Hard crew just could not wait that long, so they asked the band to play the Rock Hard Festival in May of 2012. On the same trip, HIGH SPIRITS also played two club gigs in Germany and also Muskelrock festival in Sweden. In 2013 the band returned to Europe, performing in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, and Belgium before the long-awaited finale at Keep It True. It was all a lot of fun and a big success!

At the end of 2013, HIGH SPIRITS began working on the follow-up album ‘You Are Here’, with studio sessions wrapping up in early 2014. The album will be released on CD and LP in Europe by High Roller Records (April 25th) and in North America by by Hells Headbangers (May 13th). The band’s popular namesake song will also be released as a limited-edition 7” single by both labels, each with a different exclusive B-side.

To celebrate the album release, HIGH SPIRITS will hit the road in the USA and Canada in April. With other exclusive live appearances planned for 2014 and a European return already announced for early 2015, the coming months are sure to be full of excitement for HIGH SPIRITS and their fans!
Gunpowder Gray
Gunpowder Gray is a local quintet of young punk and metal lovers who, instead of copying obscure death or thrash predecessors, stick with a sleazy, blues-tinged rock sound that's driven by heavy guitar riffs.
The Pinx
"The Pinx are the whiskey-soaked classic American rockers you've been waiting for." - CraveOnline

“Zeppelin-esque, bluesy, classic rock'n'roll that idolizes trance-inducing electric riffs, bottom-heavy bass and drums that pop like water over a hot pan.” - Performer

It’s November and Adam McIntyre, the frontman and producer of The Pinx has hit a wall in his studio, Killybegs Sound Recording. A new Pinx record has been “in the works” all year and has hit an electrical snag—a problem that an electrician named Matt has come to solve. After the repairs are finished and the studio has access to “cleaner” electricity, Matt asks to hear what has been recorded in the studio. “Here’s what I’ve been working on.” He pulls up “Southern Gentleman” off of the upcoming Pinx record, Freedom. Three and a half minutes of actual rock and roll blister the studio monitors, leaving the electrician with a huge smile on his face. “I didn’t know music like that was still being made. That made my day.” It had hints of The Pinx’s previous and well-established influences Led Zeppelin and The Who in it, but the Pinx engine has been supercharged by the likes of The MC5 and Motorhead. “Yeah, I actually yell ‘Give all your money to The MC5’ on this record,” McIntyre says after the mood shifts back to work. “I finally figured out what this band is—it’s my happy place. I’ve done a lot of work to make sure that’s exactly what this album is.”

More rock and roll tunes come spilling out of the studio monitors, eight of the ten being uptempo and crackling with smoldering volcanic energy. Two of them, southern psychedelia oozing with swampy soul. Most of them sound more like potential singles than anything from previous albums. “These songs are all true stories,” says McIntyre, “I tried to write concise, simple little rock and roll songs. This is the set I want to play live.” The album, Freedom, is aptly named—each song centers around the idea of trying to find freedom while simultaneously delivering three and a half minutes of it.

From 2007 til 2012, The Pinx toured the Southeastern U.S. incessantly, from Virginia to New Orleans, their shows spilling into the streets where they often set off fireworks for fans, sometimes between songs. They braved crowds of drunk zombies in Savannah, broke up a street fight in New Orleans, and cheered on a couple having sex during their set in Tuscaloosa. They brought their rowdy bar mentality to larger stages like the Cox Capitol Theater in Macon and Atlanta’s Variety Playhouse. They opened for Ben Harper and Relentless7 at the request of Ben himself. You may have even heard The Pinx during ESPN and Fox Sports highlights. The band surged forward, getting bigger offers.

Then it stopped for a while. “Jim [O’Kane, drums] needed a break and Joe [Giddings, bass and vocals] moved to California,” says McIntyre, “but I never stopped writing songs and thinking about my next move.” After producing several records for artists around the Southeast, Adam joined up with likeminded Atlanta rockers StoneRider. “A few days after I joined, a series of events happened and suddenly I was getting ready for a big tour of Europe… opening for Europe, the band, in front of 2,000 people a night!” They shared stages with Blackberry Smoke (McIntyre joined them on lead guitar for a rousing version of The Rolling Stones’ “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking”), Living Colour, Graveyard, Warren Haynes, and a slew of others. “It was an amazing, invigorating vacation from The Pinx with some of the best humans in the world, and then it was time to come back home.”

McIntyre came back home to The Pinx with a massive collection of four-track demos, riffs, and lyric ideas written on the road and several new influences to add to the Pinx mix. “It’s not entirely an ode to guitar riffs” says McIntyre, “a lot of the stuff I learned about songwriting during my decade in Nashville came back. Not the formulaic bro-country aspect, but folks like Todd Snider and Dan Baird. Smart, funny guys who write songs that reflect themselves well. I wanted some of that to come through. It all has to mix with the Rock and Roll and the blues and soul and everything, and I put together a band tailor-made to do just that.”

Longtime fans will blink their eyes in disbelief to see a second guitarist on stage in The Pinx—Chance McColl (a Southern Gentleman if there ever was one) shifts effortlessly between Jimmy Page licks and Danny Gatton’s virtuosic country stylings. Bassist Jon Lee hails from Tennessee but has been thriving in some of what McIntyre calls “the best bands in Atlanta” for years. Drummer Dwayne Jones (Thee Crucials & Order of the Owl) should take much credit for the return of The Pinx, as he offered his services “aggressively” and plays on most of the new album. The new lineup allows McIntyre to become more of a singer live than the original power trio format had, and lends itself to some fun Thin Lizzy-styled guitar harmonies.

When asked about the band’s goals, McIntyre replies, “It’s time to get back out there and play some goddamned Rock and Roll.”