July 8, 2017 | doors at 8:30pm
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Triple Ds presents:
Repulsory | Earthling | Old Thrones
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Filthy, decaying Death metal insanty, rising from it's slumber in the sewers of Kill-Town.

Undergang was spawned from the sewers of the Copenhagen underground in the late spring of 2008, with the intention to bring back rot and putridity to the Death Metal scene. In the beginning of September 2008 a demo version of "Evigt Lidende" was recorded, but was never officially released on its own. A lot of shows were played during the last half year of 2008 and during the winter of 2008/2009 the recording session of the debut record Indhentet Af Døden took place.

The recordings was released on a promo cassette tape in the summer of 2009, but just before the release the release of the vinyl edition of the debut was established together with UK label Me Saco Un Ojo Rec. The LP was later released in 500 copies in January 2010 and was repressed in September 2010 just in time for the Kill-town Death Fest in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Already in the fall of 2009 a record deal was arranged for the CD version of Indhentet Af Døden on Spanish label Xtreem Music. However, for the CD release, the band encountered countless problems, both with the design and also others derived form their private lives, which caused such a long delay until in November 2010 everything was finished and ready to find a spot in the label's tight release schedule after so finally the CD was released in February 2011.

During all of this time Undergang has played various shows in Denmark, Sweden and Germany including a couple of mini-tours with friends in bands like Dead Instrument and Anatomia. Slowly decomposing, Undergang continue to spread their plague through the world of men, till this rotten planet will finally collapsed.
Necrot was formed in April of 2011 in San Francisco, California
Furious Primitive Grinding Death out of Atlanta. Featuring members of Atlanta's Mangled, and NJ's Unmen, Repulsory is an exercise in brutality shining a dim light on all things grimy, unpleasant, and unlikeable.