June 2, 2017 | doors at 9:00pm
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Jeffrey Butzer presents:
Adron | The Compartmentalizationalists
Club Silencio is a live performance of the iconic music featured in the work of American filmmaker David Lynch. Jeffrey Bützer and T.T. Mahony had originally planned the show for 2008 as a follow up to Beautiful Losers: The songs of Cave, Waits and Cohen and A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Performed by "the Ladies in the Radiator"
Cassi Costoulas, Meghan Dowlen, Matt Steadman, George Kotler-Wallace,Ben Davis, T Thomas Mahony, Jeffrey Bützer
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  • $12
The Music of David Lynch
JEFFREY BUTZER AND THE BICYCLE EATERS. , It becomes obvious that the musician is indebted to the cinema after listening to only a few minutes of his music. For Bützer, the films he has in mind are set in the same locales as his music: French-inspired Eastern Europe. His first two LP releases, each comprised of short instrumentals, would—and are designed to—fill the soundtracks to such films. While his second release, The Garden of Scissors, accompanied a self-written script, it is his recent score for Raymond Carr’s Wild is the Wind which served as his first on-film release. When played by the solo musician, Jeffrey Bützer’s music generally comes across as minimal, melodic French musette. With the Bicycle Eaters, however, he maintains a different M.O. Comprised of Bützer on piano, accordion, and glockenspiel, Cassi Costoulas singing in French and English, Chad Shivers on guitar, Matt Steadman on bass, and Eric Balint on xylophone and percussion and Kristin Havert on cello, the sound comes closer to Ennio Morricone's spaghetti western scores and French Chamber pop than musette. The melodies and general style of the original songs are intact, but the band attempts to make things more direct, intricate, and engaging with bold strokes.In addition to performing in Atlanta, his place of residence, Bützer has toured China, Eastern Europe, and the US.
Adron is rapidly being recognized as one of the most uniquely gifted songwriters and vocalists of this generation. Named Best Songwriter of 2012 by the Atlanta-based arts and culture magazine Creative Loafing, she has managed to unite audiences from wildly far-flung backgrounds, age groups and subcultural scenes with her universally communicative and infectious music. In a style nearly impossible to describe using the terms of conventional genres, she playfully blends Brazilian samba, bossa nova and Tropicália with Classical harmony, the sincerity and thoughtfulness of singer-songwriters like Joni Mitchell and Harry Nilsson, and the full-bodied rhythms of 1970’s pop and r&b.

“By combining elements of surreal, personal narratives and her quasi-Brazilian-style strum, Adron’s songs [are] at once baroque and hypnotic,” writes music critic Chad Radford at Creative Loafing.

Adron’s music is infused with an international texture and a remarkably vintage, yet completely original and personal sound. While able to craft polished and mature songs, she also possesses a bold and often bizarre sense of humor that she manages to sneak into her lyrics. Adron also adds a unique array of embellishments such as birdcalls and other vocalizations, and sings eloquently in three languages. Musically, she seems almost oblivious to her upbringing as a suburban Chicago native and longtime Atlanta resident, instead floating in a musical ether of exotic influences. Though the music pleases effortlessly, it is Adron’s rare ability to meld genre, geography and musical epochs that reveal the true breadth of her talent.

“Born as it is out of a true love for tradition, Adron’s inclusion of world music elements never feels trite or tacked on; her music is as warm and spirited as the cultures that have inspired it.” -Flagpole, Athens, GA

She is often touring across the US, playing alongside artists like Toubab Krewe, Reggie Watts, Reptar, Space Trucks (Of Montreal side project), Cate Le Bon, and Bright Black Morning Light. She is also a mainstay at the 30A Songwriters Festival. Outside her own creative endeavors, Adron has collaborated with artists such as Prefuse 73, Helado Negro, Francis & The Lights, The Shadowboxers, The Selmanaires, Little Tybee, and visual/sound artist Michael Alan. She is currently recording material for her next two full-length records; one a concept album about death, mazes and the Amazon called Thanatrópica, the other a follow-up to Organismo titled Water Music, which is expected to be released in early 2015.

"My favorite band ever." -Eddie Owen (Eddie Owen Presents, The Red Clay Theater, Eddie's Attic)
The Compartmentalizationalists play spaghetti western influenced instrumentals and features members of Small Reactions, The Mystery Men and Bicycle Eaters.