June 6, 2017 | doors at 8:30pm
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A Drug Called Tradition
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Nest Egg
Nest Egg has already made a name for themselves with their amazing fog-heavy, zoned and honed live show. Warping minds and winning fans with their heady, atmospheric take on progressive, ethereal vibed-out rock music. Psychedelic when the mood turns mellow, but driving when they hit the gas and float the cosmic flux. Really, when you get right down to it, Nest Egg are bringing on a sound that few have had the ability to channel and refine with this level of mastery.

On Respectable, Nest Egg put their talent upfront, weaving in and out of time and space, with a heavy control of their dynamic. While they wear their influences on their sleeves, that of Popul Vuh, Amon Duul, early Pink Floyd (“Set The GPS To The Heart Of The Sun”, anyone??), Neu, and the like; they’re passionate about presenting an extremely modern take on the endless motorik jam.

This is music for finding your way through the galaxy, with the intent of never coming back. Fervent energy flows through the instruments to divine output. For all of its movement, repetition, and delay, this is a sound that never loses focus, it never slides back, and it stays in the forefront for the duration demonstrating an immense level of talent at controlling the vibe.
Hidden Ritual
For the past half-decade, Hidden Ritual has honed their blend of moody paranoia rock and stripped-down post-punk in Austin’s psych- and party-oriented bar scene. Between the droning vocals of frontman-guitarist Jaime Zuverza, driving rhythms of bassist Ryan Camarillo and drummer Matt Reilly, and dissonant keys of Robert Kaye, Hidden Ritual channels a nervous minimalism that is akin to CBGB’s outliers and to what Brooklyn Vegan calls the “gothy” and “gentler” side of punk. After performing on NBC’s Carson Daly Show in 2015, Hidden Ritual released their debut album, Zebra Bottle, on Austin’s Monofonus Press label. The songs reached listeners of WFMU and BBC6, and they also found an audience among followers of 1980s Siberian bands. One Moscow reviewer summed up Zebra Bottle as a “shadow semi-acoustic rock-n-roll, dusty otherworldly groove and delicate percussion arrhythmia — nine troubled ballads to modern hermits . . . ideal for the lunar funeral of his own heart.”

The following year, after a long summer of drinking green tea, Hidden Ritual decided to make a more easy-going record in a non-digital environment. In the fall of 2015, they enlisted Doug Walseth to record and mix their new LP, Always. Recorded on eight-track tape at The Cat’s Eye Studio in Austin, the twelve songs on Always serve up a relaxed and entrancing iteration of Hidden Ritual’s sound.
A Drug Called Tradition
In late 2014, after the dissolution of Atlanta heavy psych stalwarts Abby Gogo, singer/guitarist Bon Allinson began working on a batch of songs more heavily influenced by his upbringing in Alabama and by the musical traditions of the South. He brought these songs to drummer Puma Navarro (Abby Gogo) and bassist Asha Lakra (Tikka) and A Drug Called Tradition was born. As the trio’s sound developed, influences ranging from the laid back vibe of Kurt Vile to the guitar stylings of Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth, could be heard alongside echoes of the Krautrock of Can and the prog psych of early Pink Floyd.

ADCT made their Atlanta debut in December 2014, opening for Matt Hollywood of The Brian Jonestown Massacre. After playing local shows for the next few months, the trio cut a three song demo to tape with Spencer Garn (Ruby Velle and the Soulphonics) at Diamond Street Studios. The band then joined up with Spirits and the Melchizedek Children for a tour around the southeast.

In December 2015, ADCT will head to Dial Back Sound in Water Valley, Mississippi to record a full length album for Cornelius Chapel Records with Matt Patton (Drive-By Truckers) and Tim Kerr (Big Boys).

Fri.5.26.17 — Sat.5.27.17