May 8, 2017 | doors at 8:30pm
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Tight Bros. Network presents:
Holy Sons
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The Tokyo, Japan based 4 piece Instrumental Rock band MONO was
originally formed in 1999. Their unique approach of blending
orchestral arrangements and shoegaze guitar noise in their music has
been held in extremely high regard; so much so, that the band’s
musicianship can no longer be sustained by Rock music alone and was
praised by British Musical Magazine NME as “This is music for the
Gods”. One of the most monumental live memories of the band was a
special set of shows with 23-piece orchestra in New York, Tokyo,
London and Melbourne.

Their annual world tour consists of around 150
shows. The band has now visited over 50 countries and proudly holds
the stake of being one of the most internationally successful bands in
Japan. Among their fans, they are revered as one of the best live
bands in Rock.

After releasing 9 successful albums including a live
album with New York orchestra, the band received the highly regarded
award “The Marshall Hawkins Awards: Best Musical Score - Featurette”
from the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema for their
collaborative short film “Where We Begin” in 2015.

Now in 2016, the
band has finished recording their 9th album with Steve Albini at
Electrical Audio, Chicago. The album is set for an Autumn 2016
Holy Sons
Emil Amos, world renowned as drummer of the illustrious experimental rock groups Om and Grails, has an increasingly prolific, though relatively unknown, solo career under the moniker Holy Sons. Home recording over 1000 songs since the project’s inception in 1992, Amos has spent the better part of the last two decades honing his song writing and production skills over a wide swath of genres in a mission to capture his internal world sonically.
Only a handful of shows have ever been played under the name (including opening stints for Quasi, Devendra Banhart, Will Oldham, J Mascis, Daniel Johnston, and a show at a community center in Dharmasala, India) and none of the records have been traditionally promoted, developing a dedicated underground fan-base through word of mouth alone.
Survivalist Tales! is Holy Sons’ 9th record, and represents the apex of Emil Amos’ obsession to push stylistic genres to their breaking point while wrenching psyche-anthems out of the darkest frontiers of self-confrontation. The songs are a seemingly impossible blend of nightmarish Blade Runner-esque moog music with the darkest side of 70’s easy-listening psyche and feature some of the most unabashedly soaring choruses Amos has ever put to tape.
Combining avant-sound collage with lyrics culled from the hard-won truths of self-exploration, Survivalist Tales! builds a beautiful imagining of future music. For the first time ever Amos is poised to present the project publicly; this upcoming tour can legitimately be described as Holy Sons’ first tour.