March 4, 2017 | doors at 8:30pm
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Triple Ds presents:
Cadillac Jones | Jupiter Watts
Kevin Wallace has been a fixture in the Atlanta music scene for over 15 years, gracing local stages in a succession of bands including Teen Wheat, Ruvolo, Jupiter Watts, The Goldest, Envie, and others. Many local musicians know Kevin as a co-organizer of the Happenstance holiday show at the Earl, which raised thousands of dollars for charities during the decade that it was an annual event. Kevin also has been an enthusiastic organizer of benefit shows to help other organizations and friends in need. Now Kevin is the one who could greatly benefit from a helping hand. Last year, while riding his bike in Alameda, CA, Kevin was seriously injured in a hit and run collision with an automobile, resulting in severe injuries, including eight broken ribs, a broken clavicle, three spinal fractures, a bruised liver, and a punctured lung. Fortunately, Kevin is doing much better, but following surgeries and a lengthy hospital stay, combined with numerous follow up visits with specialists, Kevin has been strapped with enormous medical bills. As of now, despite having insurance, Kevin owes more than $20,000 for hospital and medical costs. This show is a benefit to help raise money so that Kevin can settle the bills for his treatment - proceeds from the show will go directly to Kevin and will be applied to his unresolved invoices. As a special treat, Kevin will be playing drums in a one-night only reformed version of Jupiter Watts, who will open the night by playing their self-titled third album.

In the event you cannot make the show but want to help Kev out, here is a link to a GoFundMe page his brother Braedan started for him. Lets Ride and Donate for Kevin
  • $10
  • $12
Clashinista (Tribute to The Clash)
Beginning in 2013, Clashinista has been presenting a rather convincing aural and visual tribute to The Clash. Four Atlanta scene veterans, Kevin Elrod (The Valentines), Mims Rogers (The Flinch), Hannibal Heredia (Stovall), and Eric Young (AM Gold), have teamed up to pay a long-overdue homage to “Only Band That Matters.” At any given show one can expect not just hits but a fair share of deeper cuts from the Punk Rock legends. Supplemented by horns, keyboards and percussion, Clashinista has performed, in its entirety, the band’s classic album “London Calling” – a feat that Clash confidant, Kosmo Vinyl, exclaimed “The Clash never did”. So be prepared to get in the pit with Clashinista!
Cadillac Jones
Cadillac Jones is 6 piece funk jazz ensemble that combines influences from 60s soul, 70s funk, and a myriad of rock, to form a style of music that is completely their own. In the winter of 2013, the band went into the North Carolina mountains to begin work on their fifth album. They came home to Atlanta to experiment with the instrumentation and textures they would use in the studio. The resulting album documents the mindstate of the band as it looked back over its past fourteen years and forward to what it would sound like next. Over the course of nine songs, the funk-jazz group layers horns, keyboards, synthesizers, and pedal steel guitar over driving beats and delicate ambience. The band still proudly wears its influences of Herbie, James, and Quincy. But with the comfort of over a decade of history under their belts, Cadillac Jones confidently blends in touches of psychedelia, rock, and even afrobeat that keep the surprises coming from the left and right channels.
Jupiter Watts
Jupiter Watts came together in late 2001, bonding over a shared love for noisy guitar pop songs played at high volume. Not long after forming, the Atlanta quartet recorded its debut album, short wave signals and false alarms, which was released in early 2003 to critical praise in publications both local and national. Reflecting the diverse musical vocabulary of James Trigg and Ramon Wals, the band's guitarists, singers, and principal songwriters, critics likened the group to sources as disparate as the Jesus & Mary Chain, the Pixies, and the Rolling Stones. In April 2005, Jupiter Watts released its second full-length recording, Let It Lie, on which the band slowed the tempos and expanded its musical palette to include synthesizers, strings and tape loops.

Bassist Jared Welsh, drummer Kevin Wallace, and keyboardist Clay Fowler joined Jupiter Watts in late 2005. The band recorded its self-titled third album during the summer and fall of 2006 with Athens, Georgia-based producer David Barbe at Chase Park Transduction Studios. Jupiter Watts was the band's most fully-realized project, at times organic, at times synthetic, at times melodious, at times dissonant. The threads that tie it all together are the hooks that peek out at the most unexpected places, along with the sure-footed vocal harmonies of Trigg and Wals, which aim to soften even the most beastly dins. Jupiter Watts made it on to several "best of" lists - both domestic and international - in 2007. The band went on to release its final album, Take Time, in 2011, following which it has enjoyed an extended vacation while members pursue other projects.