October 18, 2014 | doors at 9:00pm
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Rapturous Grief | Motherfucker | Bodyfather
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Formed in 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia, the trio has established themselves as one of the most successful and motivated bands in the genre today. Elements of Helmet, Melvins, and the Amphetamine Reptile roster can be heard throughout their catalog, but Whores are no regurgitated throwback act. Through intense, cathartic live performances and the perfected aggressive tenacity present on their recordings, the band has gained a fervent following sure to do nothing but grow in the years to come.

October 28, 2016 saw the band's first full-length album and their debut on eOne records, "GOLD."

The album was widely praised, garnering spots in the top ten on album of the year lists through publications such as Rolling Stone, MetalSucks, Heavy Planet, Invisible Oranges, Shiny Grey Monotone, and more. The band is currently recording the follow-up to "GOLD."

Prior to their signing with eOne, Whores' output included two now-classic EPs. "RUINER." released December 20, 2011, put the band on the noise rock map and is now on its fourth pressing. They followed this up with the even-more popular "CLEAN." released October 29, 2013 and now on its sixth pressing.

Between these and "GOLD." the band released a split of covers by The Cure with Rabbits and contributed the song "Bloody Like the Day You Were Born" to Amphetamine Reptile's "Dope-Guns-'N-Fucking in The Streets, Volume 13". Whores also just contributed the track "Flag Day" to Amphetamine Reptile's "Bash '17" alongside acts such as The Melvins, Mudhoney, Lydia Lunch, and Cherubs.

In their short career, Whores have received much critical praise. Some highlights include:

• "Ten Artists You Need To Know" - Rolling Stone

• "11 Metal Choruses That Will Get Stuck In Your Head All Day" - Alternative Press

• "Best of 2016: Metal" - Apple Music

• "Top 20 Best Noise/Post-Punk & Goth Albums of 2016" - Music & Riots Magazine

Whores have shared the stage with acts such as Red Fang, Torche, Big Business, Melvins, Mudhoney, Retox, Deafheaven, Iron Reagan, Metallica, Slayer, Kylesa, Black Tusk, Royal Thunder, Floor, Lamb of God, Tombs, The Sword, Baroness, Dillinger Escape Plan, Chelsea Wolf, Youth Code and many more.​
Rapturous Grief
"Crams 10 blasts of power violence en Español into the grooves of one thin 7-inch. It would seem a superhuman feat for anyone else, but these blown speaker blasts of blackened hardcore range in length from 11 seconds to just over one minute ... Probably could have squeezed a few more songs on here. It's all new material that was recorded by Andrew Wiggins of Wymyns Prysyn. Each song finds the groups moving just a little faster than before, straddling a line where guys who are into metal and guys who are into power violence can find common ground." Chad Radford, Creative Loafing

The only introduction Motherfucker (Athens, GA) and their album Confetti need is the kind that includes access to your stereo and roughly half an hour of your time. Forget the headphones. Don't bother to roll the windows down. Leave the doors wide open.

They formed initially as a scheme to play a local festival with the concept of an unknown and outrageously confident band that would only play once. So, claiming the wildly abrasive name, Erika Rickson (drums), Erica Strout (guitar), and Mandy Branch (bass) quickly assembled a set of what they called “punch-in-the-air” rock. Then, after that initial audience was fully whelmed and subsequent bookings came at a ridiculously frenzied pace, they went whole hog into owning it fully. And good thing for us they did because it's a damn rare thing these days for a band to have a name on the outside of a record that equals the shock and awe of what's inside.

Although Confetti certainly has that new record smell to it, it's still a slippery thing. Try to pin it to a hardcore tradition and you'll fail instantly. Neither is it nailed to the surly Chicago school of 1990s rock to which the band has been compared so many times. What's ultimately distilled here is the work of three individuals who have sweated through multiple bands over the last 15 years until they finally got fed up to the point of blast time.
Atlanta's most furious four-piece, Bodyfather (featuring members of Burner and Bernard), recently released their debut EP. A six song collection of aggressive noise-rock and chaotic post-punk, Bodyfather is a tip of the hat to classic bands like Drive Like Jehu, Red Medecine-era Fugazi, and Unwound. Meticulously sharpened guitar lines, an explosively tight rhythm section, and vocals that sound like Ian MacKaye on a steady diet of Red Bull and vodka combine to give these guys an unforgettable style.

There are so many bands right now doing straight-up reenactments of earlier waves of indie, garage, and post-punk. Bodyfather is refreshing in their ability to borrow from important bands while continuing to progress, manipulate genres, and blend older sounds into their own original and modern offerings. Perhaps because of its member’s involvement in other projects, Bodyfather’s debut sounds like a well-seasoned band. One that I hope will continue to produce glorious noise for years to come. - See more at:

-Eric White